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Canadian Employers

If you would like to submit a profile in which an RCIC will go over. Please click the following link and fill out a profile. 

Assessment Link

If your a Canadian employer who is having trouble retaining and/or finding qualified workers for your business. Perhaps its time to limit the disruption to your business(es) by accessing the temporary foreign worker program or TFWP. We can help you in deciding which LMIA stream your business(es) would benefit from the most to address your issues. We making sure all EDSC guidelines for the LMIA stream selected are followed. Click the following link and provide information on your business so an RCIC can go over it and contact you for further discussion.

If your a Canadian employer who would like to go over your labour needs please click here to submit a profile.


We are NOT Affiliated with any agents in Canada or Overseas unless officially noted here on our website. Any agent stating that they are an agent of Vistara Immigration Consultants Inc. is UNAUTHORIZED and committing fraud which we are not responsible for in any form.

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